What are Anti-Wrinkle injections?

As the years pass, it is common for women and men to feel as if they are appearing to age faster than they actually are.

Several behavioural and external factors are responsible for this including sleep, dietary habits, physical activity and sun exposure. Over time, these factors can cause skin and other soft tissues in the face to lose flexibility and volume. Though ageing is a normal and beautiful part of life, premature ageing is an increasing concern amongst many individuals. 

Anti-wrinkle injections are a perfect, non-invasive and temporary solution to slow down the visible effects of premature ageing whilst preserving one’s natural beauty. 

What are Anti-Wrinkle injections?

Anti-Wrinkle Injections are primarily used to treat lines and wrinkles caused by the repeated use of the muscles to form facial expressions. 

This is achieved by relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkles to form. 

When the muscles are relaxed, their movements are limited and this gradually smooths out the surface of the skin to leave our clients face looking plump, youthful and refreshed.

Anti aging treatments. Beautiful mature woman keeping eyes closed while receiving hyaluronic acid injection by beautician over blue background. Skincare and cosmetology concept


Though anti-wrinkle injections can plump the skin, their primary objective is to slow down further aging. Therefore, it is better when they are used as a preventative measure to counteract premature aging.  


The effects of the anti-wrinkle treatment are temporary as over time the numbing effects of the anti-wrinkle treatment wear off. This makes it a great solution for people who are not comfortable committing to a permanent solution. The duration of the anti-aging effects depends on the exact product and treatment used; however, they can be expected to last for up to a few months.  

Before you have anti-wrinkle treatments

Once you have decided to undergo the procedure, you and your nurse will discuss the solution that is best for you.

As part of the informed consent process, they will also explain the alternative options that can achieve the same outcome and inform you of the costs involved for those procedures.

To avoid the risk of swelling, it is suggested that you refrain from alcohol, blood thinning medication or a heavy workout 24 hrs prior unless otherwise advised. 


Your face may be sensitive after the operation so it is recommended that you do not wear makeup for 24 hours post-procedure and avoid undergoing other skin treatments for at least 3 days after such as skin treatments or massages. Your specialist will provide more information on this.

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