Maximise Beauty Treatments

Maximise Beauty uses the latest technology and techniques to help you achieve your aesthetic outcomes. Whether it is your first time visiting us, or you are a repeat patient, you will be taken care of by our skilled nurse Aura. 


Aura is a registered nurse and provides cosmetic services with great care to our patients. She has extensive training across a variety of services including fillers, microneedling and more.

Cosmetic Injectables

Cosmetic Injectables are a non-invasive, quick, affordable and effective way to help reduce and prevent wrinkle formation, improve shape and symmetry and create volume and fullness.

Lipodissolve fat reducing injections

Lipodissolve involves tiny injections targeted directly into fat pockets. The medications used stimulates the immune system to cause fat release and gently dissolves some of the fat cells.

Microneedling Treatments

Microneedling is an entirely natural process that stimulates the body’s own repair and renewal process to create collagen.

Support your skin at every stage of your microneedling journey with our revolutionary microneedling treatments.

And much more ...

Skin Booster

Skin Boosters are microinjections that aim to improve the appearance of the skin by improving elasticity and increasing collagen production.

Anti wrinkle

Anti-wrinkle injections are a non-surgical way to help fill lines and smooth out wrinkles while allowing you to resume most normal activities immediately after.

PRP - Platelet-rich plasma

PRP therapy uses injections of a concentration of a patient’s own platelets to accelerate the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints.

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